Fast fork adjustable clamp on bucket forks / pallet forks.


The Fast fork adjustable bucket forks / pallet forks are about the most versatile tractor forks that I build. They have a full pivot, and the capacity for a backstop. 


These also will slide side to side on a 1 1/2" solid steel bar for easy fast fork placement. these have a load capacity of 1500#


Shown here in the tilt position they easily slide under any pallets or debris you wish to move.


These have the clamping system mounted to the outer sides of the bucket for even more strength. The clamps have the cutting edge bar lock with the under bucket spacer (if not shown) with a 1 inch opening for the bucket and cutting edge.


This shows the forks from the uderside. The forks are constructed of medium duty 1 1/2" x 3" rectangle tubing capped and welded at both ends.


Here is the set of forks assembled, you can basically drive right into them when they are laying on the ground making for very easy attaching.


Fast fork adjustable


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